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Two Tone Wolf Pack and Reverend Deadeye 10/02/13 Hi Dive

Two Tone Wolf Pack and Reverend Deadeye 10/02/13 Hi Dive
By: Dave McGhee

Honestly, I came into this show not even certain which genre of music I'd be hearing that night. I decided to meet up with my friend and local music scene icon “Lisa Cook” (The Emmas / Turbo Knife Fight). She said that it would be awesome to see each other again so I had agreed to come to the show. Anyways, thing being, I was there. With two of my trusty Ativan I entered the Hi Dive and, quite frankly, got my ass handed to me by Satan himself.
The first band was a lovely trio of fine young men (not to be confused with fine young cannibals). They were normally a foursome. The accordion player filled in for drums and did a fantastic job! They called themselves “Two Tone Wolf Pack.” The singer sounded like he had chugged on moonshine and smoked free leaf tobacco for seventy years nonstop, despite his young age. His growl is comparable to that of local scary Americana band man Munly. Plus the entire time I kept thinking to myself “This is what it would sound like if Munly did Soundgarden covers!” And immediately I had the wind knocked out of me. Not because of the music, but because tall people be bumping into me.
Stupid tall people...
Anyways, the bass player had to be the most talented of the bunch. He sang very high and very soulful for a white dude. At least I think he was white? It's really dark in the Hi Dive. Leave me alone!
That being said, he made me wish I had a vagina so I could have throw my panties at him. What a passionate performer! His bass lines were bouncy yet driving and the music kind of rolled forward with the rhythm of a broken down steam engine on its last legs. The last minute lineup thingy resulted in the drummer not being there and the accordion player had to fill in on the drums. And to be honest, he wasn't that bad. Even my partner Frank, who was with me, who is a drummer and even he thought the guy gave his all during the show. He did a fantastic job of singing and playing, and not just simple harmonies – quality stuff.
I didn't see the Reverend Deadeye set up. But once I had come back inside after a quick smoke break with Lisa, the whole stage was set up with an instrument case and a metal washtub with a tambourine inside, a hi-hat with a black rubber hand sticking upward and a few other seemingly random objects . His microphone was obviously his since we can assume that the Hi Dive doesn't have such scratchy sounding microphones just lying around. Maybe if the band had a rider they could request one? Riders are cool. You should join a band and get to the point where you can get a rider. Then you can request nachos!
The whole set began with the setting off of a delay/looping pedal, which through the awesomeness of modern technology, started blasting through the P.A.a prayers and revelations that a mad old church tent revival preacher would shout to his congregation whilst breaking and cracking his voice from his own passion.
While this was going on the Reverend went from his set up to the button up shirt and tie hanging on the back wall of the stage. I was wondering why someone would put their laundry there and just leave it. I mean, who's on that friendly of terms with the Hi Dive where they can stash things like a personal self storage? I mean... Yeah. What? Of course.
Once he started up I swear I went through three stages of disbelief. First was the “What the hell?” Then came “Oh my God!” Then that segued finally into “Praise God!” I swear I was a believer that night. Lisa and I raised our hands to the sky with glory as the faithful reverend preached his own brand of Kentucky fried revival stuffamajiggers!
As much as I loved the guy both onstage and off, he did seem to go on a little longer than one would think was appropriate. My partner felt the same way. It just got grating after a while. I loved his music but it was just like listening to death metal, there is a limit to the amount of energy spent on keeping up the energy. Great, great show though! I am certainly a huge fan of both bands now.
Or should I say, a betwotonewolfpackandreveranddeadeyever?
Plus I just want to hand it to everyone who supported the show. Nice people are a rarity and except for a few people, my eccentricities were well tolerated. I just have to warn you people. If you bump into me, common courtesy dictates that you bump me on the opposite side. Only when things are symmetrical then one can achieve oneness with the one while being one with the zero. Then you get into binary and honestly I suck at numbers.
But the funnest and most notable song had to be "Fuck the Devil!"
Seriously, check it out! Ha ha!
Just thank God I didn't drink that night. I might of taken off my shirt and wailed like a mad man to the awesomely high energy local openers! Then again the people who know me probably wouldn't of thought all that that much odd about it. I'm just sort of like that.

Gotta love me!

Listen to Two Tone Wolf Pack here!
And become a believe with the Reverend Deadeye here!

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