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Interview with Steffan Scrogan By: David McGhee

Interview with Steffan Scrogan
By: David McGhee

Last Friday I experienced what can only be described as Avenue Q. I was amazed by how they worked their puppets, and how they made love as puppets. I wonder if they had puppet spooge out of a puppet penis? Man... Wouldn't that be like felt or something?
Anyways... I was so awesomed by the show that I decided to stalk one of the cast members. I asked him twenty questions and he delivered on all counts.
You gotta see this guy's feet!

1: How and why did you started acting? Are you the attention grabbing type?
I made my theatrical debut when I was 5 years old. I played a cactus in a Missoula Children's Theatre production of Tales of Hans Christian Anderson. I was adorable as ever.. I'm fairly certain it was because my parents wanted to occupy me and my siblings during the summer so they could relax a bit, but my siblings stopped soon after; I kept performing. I'm an extroverted introvert; I will be quiet until you get to know me then can get a little crazy.

2: You are the second tallest person in the cast. How tall are you?
Third tallest! Eric Fry and Patrick Brownson are both taller than me, but we only all share the stage once in the show, so I won't be too harsh. I'm 5'11.5", though my license may say 6'...

3: Great... Another tall person thinking he's the shit! Boo! What kind of salad do you like to eat?
Blue cheese is usually top choice for me. I used to hate the stuff, but my tastes change it seems.

4: I'm gay. Are you gay? You seemed pretty gay to me.
I am of the homosexual persuasion. Not nearly as gay as my puppet, Rod, however. He gets pretty flaming at the end of the show when he starts to accept his queer tendencies. It's fun to get to play a gay character and find the humor in it; I'm always playing straight characters.

5: Are you seeing anyone special? Anyone who makes your stomach churn and your eyes water?
I am! I have a boyfriend that I adore. Though stomach-churning and eye-watering sounds like a reaction to a violently awful stench; if that's your response to someone, you should be concerned.

6: Everyone's a little bit racist. Are you?
I'd like to think that I see everyone as equally terrible. I'm racist towards all of humanity.

7: What made you audition for the role of Rod?
My fellow cast mates are all returning to this show; they performed it 2 years ago as the award-winning first Denver Cast. I knew that the show was being remounted (rawr!), but didn't find out until the night before auditions that the part of Rod had become available. I sent a frantic email to the producer hoping I could score an audition the next morning, because I've been dying to do this since 2005 when I saw the original Broadway show.

8: You sing well. Any formal training?
Thanks! I've been in musical theatre since I was 5, choir in high school and college. Three choirs per semester, because I'm crazy. I'm an avid car belter.

Okay, you can leave the site now.

That's right! They're tattooed. I'm fairly tattooed and pierced actually. During the day, I'm a professional piercer in Fort Collins. I've been doing it for over 7 years. I cover tattoos with makeup or clothes and take out piercings for my shows. Some folks would never recognize me outside of one environment.

10: Other than porn, what else is the internet good for?
Video Games! Lok'tar Ogar! YouTube and Netflix have become a daily routine and replacement for TV in my life. I'm also a nerd and listen to podcasts while I commute in my car. You can't disregard porn though.

11: Anna High hurt her footsie during the show I was at. Any chance she got some good pain medication for it?
As the resident first aid responder in the cast, I can tell you she was well taken care of that night, and not given any medication from me, as that would have violated first responder ethics.... but she did get relief. She checked in with the hospital later that night and confirmed it was only a sprain and got a small prescription the next day.

12: Everyone in the cast was so talented! Was it hard learning to puppet your puppet and perform at first? I noticed that the other actors would sing towards the lights instead of each other.
It was very tricky at first. When they had me audition they handed me a puppet first and told me to sing with it. It's little things, like looking the same way your puppet is, making him bounce while he "walks", and opening his mouth with your thumb and not your fingers so he doesn't flop his head back when he talks. My puppet has two hand-rods and controlling both his hands with my left hand is tricky. You noticed one of the quirks of this show, as an homage to Sesame Street style we address the audience a lot, especially during songs. We talk to each other too, but it's a fun balance.

13: What kind of kid were you? If you ever were one...
I was a quiet kid when younger. Great imagination, but not one of those kids that you want to tie down from hyperactivity. The stage is a great outlet for my energy and creativity.

14: Do you manscape or are you naturally hairy / hairless?
I've got a hairless chest. I will shave my arms for when I've got a drag performance. That's right, I'll show you some pictures of me as Anya Neyes (get it? Ba-dum-tish).

15: Would you ever considering growing a biker beard?
I would probably never get that far into the beard process. My hair and facial hair all depend upon what show I'm doing next, so they change a lot. The most bearded I've been was when I was in a production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I can send you a picture. Some people loved it, but not me. If I ever needed a bigger beard for a show, I'd just make a fake one with crepe hair and liquid latex.
Complete with beard lasers!

16: Give a shout out to your favorite frozen yogurt here! (or if you aren't that kind of guy, BBQ)
Can I just answer that with a yes please? Everything. Though I usually prefer ice cream over froyo. Just nothing coffee flavored!

17: Do you smoke or do anything cool like that?
No smoking for me. I'm asthmatic and don't want to mess up my singing voice either.

18: If you could be a puppy... What breed would you be?
Have you heard the idea that the breeds of dog a person has reflects upon them? I've always had boxers. Playful and nice dogs. Though I also enjoy pugs because they always look so concerned and I think it's hilarious. So draw your own conclusions.
PUPPY!!! :-D

19: Have you ever kicked an animal out of frustration after losing a big bet on a football game?
How dare you? I would never do either of those things. Kick an animal or watch this football you speak of.

20: You guys were all so great! What's next for Steffan? Where can we lavish you with lovesies next?

Well Avenue Q runs through the first week of November and is selling fast, so jump on it! December through the first week of February I will be performing in Young Frankenstein, then in April I will be in Spamalot. I like to keep busy. I perform as Anya Neyes quite often, just add her on Facebook to keep up with her. Finally, Ipierce up in Fort Collins.
Let me poke you already!
Thanks for the interview!

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