Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Interview with Elin Palmer

Interview with Elin Palmer
By: David McGhee

At first I knew her only by her Starbucks name, Elin Palmer. Little did I know that she was Elin Palmer! The violinist and vocalist super star of the Denver / Boulder area! I remember just turning twenty one and she invited me to see her play with Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots at Benders Tavern down in downtown Denver. I remember knowing her for her sweet disposition and her almost naïve way of responding to people. It made her an awfully likeable person. She introduced me to Jay Munly and so now I have a friend with him. I remember him driving me home from the Larimer Lounge. :-)
Anyways, she blew me away with her black corset and stockings she wore for her stage show. It was really cool because the whole band got really into their characters. She was also dating their drummer, who is also cool. I once asked him to play drums for me but he said he had carpel tunnel. So I suppose that dream is dead.
Elin agreed to do this twenty question interview. It's her funeral!
This woman gave me coffee drinks!

1: Elin, Darling, how have you been since I last saw you? Have you eaten any cake since then?
I'm so swell thanks for asking. I have eaten cake since then, hence the swellness.

2: Show us your “O” face!

3: Do you have any recipes for good ethnic food?
Do you consider Italian ethic?

4: You're like, totally hot. Do you think you could make me straight? I'm like... Really, really gay.
Straight scared? Like fukishima salmonella sushi scared straight? There's probably an algorithm to help decide.

5: If you could be any kind of big ole' bear, who would you be? *My guess would be Nick Frost*
Polar Bear, definitely.

6: Thank you for feeding and me when I was no longer working for you. What is it with you and helping out hungry poor people? That's very un-Republican of you.
I'm a starving artist. Those born tired will know what I mean.

7: Would you ever buy me a sushi dinner if I paid for it?
See #4

8: What kind of violin do you play?

9: When did you start playing the violin?
post-utero, pre-formative years

10: Could I see your violin? I promise not to masturbate to it. In fact that would be very, very sick. Wouldn't you agree?
Yes, there's even photos in wide circulation of me posing with it.

11: Now if you don't mind... Show us your feet!
You need your nails did.

12: Which color Hungry Hungry Hippo would you be?
Orange is the hungriest color, duh.

13: Now that was racist... What do you think about a hippo ethnic cleansing?
I think that's basically what's going on in the Congo. For example, there are as few as 2500 pygmy elephants left. That's

14: Is eating rhinos bad? Like what if you were in a supermarket with a hundred dollars to spend on groceries and you were hungry, would you eat a
rhino then?
See #13.

15: Are you seeing anyone right now? Are you still with the same big old lovable hunk of a drummer? Seriously, I'd face fuck him.
I've received many gentlemen callers, but none keep the time as well as my baby's daddy.

16: When did you start singing? Were you taught how to sing or is it just natural?
In the shower. It came pretty naturally I suppose: one second I was shampooing, the next I was singing.

17: Seriously, you are an awesome person! How much upkeep does it take to be so awesome?
Your pretty awesome yourself. Upkeep can be hard. You're only as cool as the blogs you read

18: Do you believe the people who be surrounding me?

19: Where can we find your wonderful music? Bandcamp? Itunes? I WANNA KNOW DAMMIT!!!
Itunes, yup. Come to my shows, buy a hardcopy, 'na mean?

20: If you had one last thing to say before diving into a huge T-bone steak, what would it be?

I hope it's organic?

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