Monday, October 14, 2013

Interview with Bo Burbank (Bodies We've Buried)

Interview with Bo Burbank (Bodies We've Buried)
By: David McGhee

Bodies We've Buried are a heavy metal band from Colorado USA. I found them through the recommendation of a one Maris The Great.

Plus here's a picture of this sexy, sexy man!

Truly a face only millions can love. Anyhoos, I listened to them on Reverb and immediately thought about how heavy metal has become very throaty recently. I sure hope their singer doesn't get chronic laryngitis. Because that would suck. Seriously, he sounds like he is about to cough out his lungs. But I suppose that is the sound that the kids are into.
And today we sat down with Bo Burbank of said band and asked him twenty questions about life, love, and the pursuit of man whoring.

David: What do you do in the band? I'm pretty sure I heard you were a drummer?
Bo: I am primarily the drummer, yes, but occasionally I do some vocals too! I like to think i'm also the 'Looks' of the band as well.
David: Do drummers keep good rhythm in bed? Like with a chick and shit?
Bo: I would say so, unless of course you are into crazy time changes and patterns. in that case, I feel really sorry for the girl.
David: You fucking man whore... What breed of kitten would you consider to be the cuddliest?
Bo: I hate cats. there's been like maybe 3 cats/kittens in this world i've met that I consider ok in my book. other then that... Dogs are the way to go.
David: If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
Bo: Black Lab! I have a black lab so i'm probably biased but seriously, Labs are the greatest.
David: How tall are you? How fat are you? And what shoe size do you wear?
Bo: I think like 6'2" and 197 lbs. sooo pretty tall AND fat! I wear a size 13 shoe.

David: Did you know that if your last name was Burnham, then you'd be Bo Burnham? You know, that funny tall kid that apparently cums in everyone.
Bo: Yeah.. It sucks when you are out there trying to make a name for yourself and then come to find out that if your name had been different by 4 or 5 letters, then you would have gotten your big break! Whatever that means though... I don't think he is very funny.
David: How long have you been playing the Drums?
Bo: Since I was 9... I'm 28 next month so you do the math!
David: Would you ever consider collecting rocks?
Bo: I used to when I was really young. But now, probably not. I don't want to become Hank from Breaking Bad.
David: Are you seeing anyone serious right now? If not, are you taking applications for a girlfriend?
Bo: Nope, no one right now! And if there are applications out there to be my GF, then send them on in. Haha, remember those GF/BF applications on Myspace?! Im so 
David: What is your relationship with Maris The Great?
Bo: Maris and I have been off and on for a while now. We were officially in a Facebook relationship for a while, so you know how serious that is! Right now we're broken up because he thinks I got jealous that he was going after some other guy at our last show.
David: The guitars are cool in your band. Any chance at ever doing a hair metal song?
Bo: Well, we play some metal and our guitarists have hair, so technically it IS hair metal! But no probably not, we are really terrible at doing covers.
David: Give a shout out to your favorite fish here!
Bo: I just wanna give a shout out to the mighty Alaskan Salmon.
David: If you were gay, would you be a bottom or top?
Bo: I assume, for gay guys, that both probably have their own benefits. I'm going to go with top.
David: What are some other cool local bands that you are into?
Bo: That's a hard question! Lately I've been most into Lucida Tela, The Dawn Chose Orion, Dead For Denver, and Conquer Everest
David: What kind of man are you? Mac or PC?
Bo: Mac all the way. I went to school for graphic design sooo,, it comes with the territory.
David: Check this video out and tell me you didn't see God just then!
Bo: I love this movie! Don hertzfelt is an amazing animator. I remember seeing this like 10 years ago! oh and, "i didn't see god just then"
David: Do you believe in that bullshit that there's always room for Jell-O?
David: What are your favorite kinds of movies?
Bo: I love horror and comedy. If it's a comedic horror movie, then even better.
David: If you could murder anyone and get away with it, what kind of car would you drive?

Bo: Charger. If we're killing someone, might as well have a super awesome car to go with it.

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