Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Interview with Brandon Richard Whalen (of My Body Sings Electric)

Interview with Brandon Richard Whalen (of My Body Sings Electric)
By: David McGhee

My Body Sings Electric is sort of a band with hardcore guitars and indie vocals. The kids seem to like it so I have decided to exploit his fame and interview him for my own interests. That being said, this guy is pretty hot. Maris The Great was right, all the cute boys go to hardcore shows.
Wiser words have never been said. Because at hardcore show you got all the tall skinny sexy men taking off their shirt. I'd like to think they're doing it for me, but something tells me that skinny people just like showing off their sexy mcsex bodies.
I know if I wasn't short and chubby I'd be manwhoring it up!

Now for teh interview! :-D

1: Does your body really sing electric? I mean... Wouldn't that hurt?
It probably would hurt. The name was inspired by a poem by Walt Whitman called I Sing The Body Electric. It's sort of a nod to the way music can affect your mind and your body. It's also a little look at some personal philosophies of mine and maybe some of the other guys.
"Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal themselves; 5 And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead? And if the body does not do as much as the Soul? And if the body were not the Soul, what is the Soul?"

2: How tall are you and what does that have to do with your current local fame?
I'm very average height. 5'10'' ish. Right in the meaty part of the curve. I have no idea how it impacts my "local fame."

3: Remember Monroe Monroe? Such a good band.
Hell yeah! Our bassist Jason did some bassing for them. They are great guys and made really killer music.

4: What kind of geetar do you use?
I mostly play my Takamine fp360sc. It's a 90's japanese only model that is kind of rare here in the states. I swing between loving and hating it.
I also have a 1976 Les Paul that was passed down to me by my father and I will murder anyone who even looks at it.

5: Have you ever had any formal training in geetaring or singing?
I took one semester of vocal lessons in college. Other than that I am completely self taught, of course with some help from my bandmates who are incredible and well trained musically.

6: As I have warned you, show us your bare feet!
You don't want to see what's going on down there. I wear sandals a lot (not ashamed) so catch me in the summer.
Approximation of Brandon's feet 

7: Do you guys get like a buttload of tail? Like in dirty groupies that would do anything to you or would let them do things to you?
I'm actually married, so my tail-getting days are over. Who knows if there are those groupies out there, I usually identify people's intentions right off the bat and slip out of any potentially awkward situations.

8: I hope you are using condoms. Are you using condoms?
No need. See question above.

*David's note: He must want to get some babies! HE MAKE BABIES!

9: What do you do for a day job?
I am a social media marketing strategist and head of marketing for Room 214 in Boulder, CO. Big boy job.

10: Are you going to release a new album? What will it be like? Any chance of it having some boobies on the cover?
We are releasing an album on Jan 28th called Part 1: The Night Ends. It will be a fun little journey, more indie, not so much pop punk (I still don't understand that description of us). There's a little side boob on the cover which is rad.

11: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck couldn't do it's taxes?
Are you asking for the wood chuck, or the government?

12: Are you seeing anyone right now? Or have you ever met someone that made you want to throw up because he / she was just so fine?
I am seeing my wife... until one of us dies or eternity or whatever. I have met someone who made me want to throw up because she is so beautiful so I wifed that gurl up.

13:What would you say that seeing you in person caused me a bit of Stendhal syndrome? That's like when you see something so beautiful that you are paralyzed.
I would be quite flattered... and also suspicious that you may be exaggerating. Regardless, thanks I put a lot of work into growing this beard.

14: If I would to ever save your life from a catastrophic explosion, how many tacos would you get for me?
That's probably worth a six pack and pound from Taco John's. It's quite a bit of food. Shoutout to my Wyoming people.

15: Let's get serious here for a moment, when did you lose your virginity? The world MUST know!
Oh gosh.... haha. I was 18 I think. I remember thinking... "that wasn't much of a big deal now was it?"

16: If you could piss off PETA, what kind of animal would you gleefully slaughter for the privilege?
IF I were in fact going to achieve this hypothetical goal to the fullest extent I would have to go with something incredibly cute, so sloth or red panda. Not that I would support anything like that.

17: Do you like to read? Because that would make you sooooooooooooooo hot! (Aside from the amazing body you already have.)
I do like to read! I'm just finishing up Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan. It's been a great reminder to always be skeptical of people who claim to know "the truth." PS. Thanks... been working on my bod a lot this year.

18: How did you guys meet up? Much like many Marvel Superheroes, everyone has an origin story.
My old band Arms Over Colorado played with Nick and Jeff's old band Nemonic. Then we realized we were best friends and the rest is history.

19: Any brand of soda you'd like to give a shout out too?

20: In less than three words, describe your sleeping habits.


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