Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I smoked crack!

If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that crack will drain your bank account. Seriously, it will fucking grow little crack rock legs, hold you up for your wallet, and go and commit fucking identity theft on your ass! One has to wonder just what could crack do with four thousand dollars? Probably cash it out in pennies and go to the strip club and make it “hail.”
I always thought of it as something I would never try. Sure I've mainlined and smoked all the major drugs, but this one had always eluded me until about the last six months into my seven year long battle with substances both great and small (Ever see a kilo of ANYTHING in your life?). I'd always equate it to that of a heavy meth user. Rotten teeth and mouth, eyes that bug out, hollow cheeks.

Hmm... I've just described every addiction basically.

I have no resentment towards myself for the past I had. It was like the poor man's version of backpacking through Europe. But crack was just sooooooooooooooo easy to get living down on Colfax!
I just found a new roommate and he sort of joked about using crack at first. Then when he pulled the glass rose out I was all like... Sure. Why not? And I fucking smoked crack.
The thing was, I couldn't stop! It was like a the opposite of heroin and I apparently had an inhuman tolerance to the drug because my little hotel room became a little crack den.
To be perfectly honest. Crack is awesome. But it becomes you the way all hard drugs eventually do. You wake up and say “I want some crack!” You obsess out it. You can't enjoy anything else but crack. You can't do anything but eat, sleep, and think crack. It sucks and I realized this early on.

I just wanted to keep doing crack.

Why should I have cared? I had nobody but a friend struggling with her own demons and a mooch roommate sharing a queen sized bed with me in that little shanty. So I didn't really care about what happened to me. I'd fucked up my life thus far. Why bother changing now?

Until I met Frank of course. He won't let me do crack now. In a way I appreciate that very much. I love my life with him. He is one awesome dude. :-)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Why Penises are Awesome!

It's awesome having a penis. Am I right fellas? Penises are just great. I like many varieties of penises. Small, medium, and large. Although larger ones are harder to get in your poop hole... People always want a big penis but I say that I think all penises are awesome.

Have a micro penis? Awesome! Hung like Mr Ed? Erm... Good for you!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Both uninspired and bored. Things have gotten better. I've been seeing more penises lately. It's been a good few months.

My new band just made a new album. We are The Vanilla Milkshakes and our new album is called “How to Ruin Friendships and Influence Douche Bags.” You can hear it here: and then buy it on iTunes! It's that awesome! Or buy it from Bandcamp. Either way it's cool.

My favorite song on the album is “Dance! Robot! Dance!” but everyone else likes “Kreep” and “At Odds With God.” Also “Brand New Sound” is also a goodie!

Other than that, I've been thinking about penises lately. Many of them. All side by side and shaking each others hand. I'd go to a nude beach but there'd just be a bunch of unattractive people there. Why don't nudists work out?

Oh yeah. I've started to work out. Going to be all sexy and skinny for the sex and skinny that will come about this summer. Fifty push ups and sit ups a day to start off. Plus some jogging. I feel tight everywhere. I just want to look good naked. Maybe go to a nude beach and show them old folks how it's done.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grilled Cheese From Hades!

Grilled Cheese From Hades!
By: David McGhee

I am currently eating a delicious grilled cheese samich with four, count them, four apple slices. I owe all this and more to my best beau Franky Poo. He doesn't really poo all that much though. But I find that it fits.
More about the samich. It has been manufactured with pepper jack cheese. Some deliciously delicious gourmet white bread, and a panini press. Holy shit this is awesome!
I just ate my apples. I miss them now. Without apples how will I tame the fire in my mouth that will surely ensue if I ingest this wonderful piece of foodstuffs! Oh poor me.
I'm diving in now.
First bite: Crunchy and full of butter spread goodness. Oh! Oh! I can taste the pepper jack cheese now. It's so spicy! It wants me to eat more. I will keep you all informed as this major media event goes down.
Second bite: Well, I'm holding in there. I remember being little and eating grilled cheese samiches. Although I remember nothing about that ever happening. But I know it did. Perhaps David medicatedeth too much whilst a young boy? A young boy with jiggly!
Third bite: Okay dudes and bitches. Shit just got real. I'm like eating this samich and this dude on a bike comes by. He ain't all that pretty but I let him pass me just the same. Stupid not attractive bike riders.
Fourth bite: Then a tall, handsome bike rider came by and was all like “What's up?” I was all like “Nothin' homie.” And he was all “Coo.” And I was all like “Coo.” You know. Cause' we coo.
Fifth bite: I love it when Frank buys great cheese! It's totally real cheese too! I am thinking about making this a daily habit. That and bike shorts.
I would like to inform you more on my gastrothingy, but the time has come... For me to watch Monster's University! Hurray! I love free Redbox rentals. :-D
More on this in a few...
...Well. It's been one hundred and four minutes since starting that movie. And now I'm done. Monster's University was, flat out, not as good as the first one. Or the second one? It's a prequal. Meaning that it takes place before the first one. Something like that.
I was personally offended with this movie and it's lack of explicit monster sex. Plus where was the booze and drugs? Why when I was in college I did crack! It kinda got me some bad grades and shit... Crack and cocaine and heroin ruined my life. I like drugs because they are better than any other antidepressant or antipsychotic. I'm never sad on drugs, aside from when the cops bust me. That's always a buzzkill.
Now I don't even drink. I smoke the green stuff but so what? What are you my mom? Because if you were then you'd be dead. Why would a dead person read my blog? That's just gross.
Speaking of gross. Female pubes Eeewww...
I know what you are all thinking now. Why mention the pubes when there are three fingers being chewed on all day and night by Mrs. Vickie. Yes, Mrs. Vickie drank her high ball and always invited all the pizza men and milkman (They still exist!) into her living room. Where she'd drink more vodka and talk about how Roger don't know how to please a woman. What happens next is usually the guy's fault. I mean, she is pretty hot. So warm and pudding like...

I was reading Stephen King when I farted. His writing is very fart. If I could fart Stephen King I'd fart him about my fart and his book fart. It farted me so very much. :-)

Friday, November 1, 2013

October 31st 2013

October 31st 2013
By: David McGhee

12am: Still up from the day before. I was reading Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Stephen King. Notable short stories include Dolan's Cadillac, Home Delivery, and Suffer the Little Children.
The first story is about this dude who killed this dudes wife. So the dude becomes a construction worker so he can make detours and use the equipment to dig a hole in the road. Then the other dude who killed the other dude's wife goes in it and gets stuck. Then the good dude (good?) buries him alive. Then it sort of ends there. Something about years going by and him having pancakes with Jimmy Hoffa.
Suffer the Little Children was about this teacher who thinks her students are fucking with her. So instead of realizing she is a crazy bitch, she shoots the little people. Then of course the school and government officials get a bug up their ass and send her to the looney bin. Where she eventually kills herself. Something about a doctor noticing the kids with downs syndrome looking at him funny, and the end.
Home Delivery is about this dude going away to sea and drowning or some shit. And the girl in the narrator position talks ad nauseam about how he had a big dick or some shit like that. And then the man comes back to her as a zombie and she hacks him up.
I really want to read the Shawshank Redemption.

1am-3pm: I dream about cookies and panties and big ole' model boys.

3pm-4... Okay, enough of that shit

We spent the day doing jack shit and got no trick or treaters. What I wouldn't give to gets me some tall dark and legal! What? Yeah, I just switched subjects.
He works at this local chicken shack and apparently he's married. But that's only to a woman. I bet if I was given one night with him, I could make him into a sinner. He looks like a church boy. It would be cool if he was a major man whore though. Then he'd be fulfilling his evolutionary duty as an alpha male to inseminate as many females as he could during his fertile period, which would be puberty to seventy seven. What a fucking man whore! Or at least I wish. Imagine his man stuff acting as the mayonnaise on my chicken samich? Eeewww! Tall, Dark, and Legal he may be, but I always spit. Why in the hell did I even conjure that up!?

I'm turning my boyfriend onto this show on Netflix called “Supernatural.” I know it was on the CW before and... Um... Sam and Dean are awesome!!!
And shirtless. :-D
This is why no one will ever love me. :-(

Sam doesn't fuck as much as Dean does. But Dean is tall and manly just like Sam. But he uses his position in life to be a man whore. Like this one episode this little kid saw his father get killed. So Dean, being the man whore he is, helps the kid out and kills the monster and shows the kid that life is awesome. All just to get his dick wet in the mother. Oh you better believe she put out after shit like that! Hot damn! I want Dean spooge now...
From his pecker.

I had like five Butterfingers yesterday. I need to eat another one so it can be six. Even numbers are important to your health and safety. Why I even make sure that if I wake up on my right foot then I always go to sleep on my left. It's just common sense! Things like not stepping on cracks. It's not for your mother's benefit and it never was! It's all really a conspiracy from the sidewalk companies so that their sidewalks won't buckle and shit. But in reality you don't want to step on them because of the fucking panic attack that would ensue.
Your body gets sweaty.
Your mouth tastes like copper.
Suddenly all the other males want to kill you.
Why aren't I taller?
Ooh! Carrot cake! :-D
Mmm... Carrot crotch.

That was my bad, I thought I saw a rabbit. I saw a good amount of them when I went to the Miniature golfing place with Frank and Drew that one time. Fuckers went a second time without me. But I showed them!
No I didn't.
Oh well. I suppose I don't deserve love after all.
Yes I am high. But on pot. It's legal here in Colorady. As is wearing socks. I like wearing socks. I wonder what Tall, Dark, and Legal's feet look like? I'd be very upset if they weren't well taken care of. For if you are an alpha male, you must have good feet to chase after prey and smaller males. To kill and eat and beat your chest like an animal! FUCKING MAN WHORE!

Back to the book though. I'm reading this story in it now about this little black lady eats this handsome writer's spooge and then her son (whom she's quick with apparently...) grows up to be a successful author. I for one know that talent and good looks do not come from eating another man's spooge. Last time I try anything fun...

But let's get serious here for a second. I'm a really awful person. I wish everything about me would change. I have severe Body Dysmorphic Disorder and I know how to use it! Seriously, every other person on this big old rock and water ball are better people than me (as pictured above). I have this recurring dream where a good looking guy is showing off in front of his blond how he can be a dick to me. Then he stabs me repeatedly and kicks me until I stop breathing. All the while the girl is telling him how sexy he is. Then everything goes white. Then to black. And then for who know's how long until the dream ends, I feel not sadness. I wish I could get that just died feeling in pill form.

Monday, October 28, 2013

I Do Not Think you are Ready for This Jelly

I Do Not Think you are Ready for This Jelly
By: David McGhee

Hey all you wonderful people out there! I can't believe I'm tracking an average of 150 viewers a day. Thank you guys so much for that! :-)
As you may have noticed I haven't posted in a few days. The interviews are lagging and my creative mind has been ruptured previously due to a nasty stomach infection. Again. Stupid Chaboni Yogurt. Giving me H. Pylori and shirt. Yeah! I call for a two week boycott of their yogurt! Effective retroactively two weeks ago! Yeah bitches. I just totally did that. Oh yeah.
I'm really medicated right now so I'll get down to the point. Boo. It's Halloween and shit and my roommates hate horror movies. So I suppose the closest thing I'll get to see of the horror variety this year will most likely either be “John Dies in the End” or “The Avengers.”
You know what? Wait a second; let me backtrack here. I just saw Thor last night. You know? The one where the guy is tall and he beats people up because he's tall and he abuses people with a hammer made from the something of the Gods or some shit? His shirtless scenes were to my satisfaction but the lack of penetration in this movie left a bitter taste in the back of my mouth. Because that's where you taste sour right? Fuck if I know. I just know that all the taste buds are on all the upper surface of the tongue. If you knew that, give yourself a gold star. If you don't have one then drive to the store! You fucking rich kid man whore. I MADE YOU! I MADE YOU! I MADE YOU! Not with butt sex, but with my appalling butt face.
Man I wish I had the nerve to post my butt on the internet. Despite what many may say, I have sort of a problem with my body image. Others may see me as the small pudgy guy or thin or whatever the fuck they say while I believe that I am a walking vaginal cavity. The kind with all those weird lips and shit! Eeeewwww....
I hope this man rots alive in his Denver apartment!

Man, if I was straight and confident in myself and my height then I would be Prince Harry. I bet that dude gets his ginger pubes all over a bitch's mouth. She be getting it stuck in her teeth from blowing the fire crotched prince of England. Fuck if I just had ten minutes with him... I'd totally show him my music and this blog and I'd like to tell him that he is a very handsome man. Then I'll congratulate him on being tall and red headed. Chicks dig it. That and I bet his feet are fantastic! But I'm not sure I would ask him that out loud. I've been told that by doing that I am weirding the other guy when I bring up the subject of feet. I wonder if his toes have little red hairs on them? Would that be appropriate to ask?
My mind just sort of works this way. I'm really smart but my Aspergers gives me a lack of social understanding. I don't mean to creep someone out or irritate them. There is this one guy one my Facebook and Twitter who hates me no matter how nice I am to him. I don't understand why I'm so annoying?
I know one reason has to be my high weird voice. Don't believe me? Just sift through my catalog of recordings over at
I swear I'm not grabbing for attention. I used to do that but now I'm pretty oblivious to what goes on around me. As I said, I can possibly do really advanced math if I tried but I swear I will never remember to look both ways across a fourway while the walk light is red. I'm so silly! Ha ha. Splat!
Also I recently watched The Avengers. Holy shit was it good! I don't remember dick about the story but you got to see Captain America (Chris Evans) shirtless in all of his sexy sexiness! I wish I looked like Chris Evans. I bet he knows he's hot and he's a total man whore. His brother is gay did you know that? So he may not get mad at me if when I meet him, I ask for a spoonful of his hearty man chowder. He seems like a scary big dude. Tall and / or big men really scare me.
Asshole! But soooo manly...

I suppose this fear / attraction thing started in high school. I was thirteen and I witnessed all of my friends and classmates grow taller than me. Plus I started to notice how they were thinner than me. Some even had abs. I remember one time I had this kid over from my class and he slept with his shirt off. I must of stared with my jealous eyes for over a minute because he noticed me looking at him and asked me if I was a fag.
Sure... Why not. I didn't even hit puberty until I was like sixteen. Partly because of the heavy duty anti-psychotics or flat out fucking tranquilizers and the other half was just shitty genetics on my part. My brother is probably an inch taller than me but I didn't reach my full adult height of five seven until I was twenty six.
So while I was a man stuck in a child's body, all the other guys I knew were turning into men. Really attractive young men. I wouldn't have even entertained the notion that I could be gay at that time. I didn't come out until I was like twenty two. It was Ian Cooke that put the idea in my head. He was so awesomely nice to me. He was tall but he was so nice. While I still had a lot of tension on my end, he was infinitely patient with me. I wish I could have come out to him directly. When I found out who I was (still am) it seemed like it was too late. I've never been romantic with anyone in my life before that. I mean to a guy. But even when I was with girls I still didn't feel that horrible moment defining click. That one where it just pops in your head and you ask your self “Is anyone really ready for my jelly?” It was horrible. I have had zero romantic experience before this and seeing him with another guy right after I told him that I think I was straight (or some bullshit like that...) he found another guy to enjoy his genitals with. I was scared of enjoying the sight of someone's penis. In print, internet, or in person. It horrified me. My dad said when I was like twelve that if I grew up to be a fruit then he'd kick the shit out of me. Loving guy.
I shouldn't rage on my Dad though. He was just crazy and he only reached out for help later in life instead of right away. I suppose he projected his fears onto me because I was openingly expressing my emotions and he was a horrible person socially. I think when I started acting out he saw himself or some shit. I don't know. I flunked psychology. But I suppose, to be fair, I was doing a lot of coke at the time.
Let's rock!

Anyways, Chris Evans scares me. I'm sure he'd hate me just as much as Prince Harry would. Me and my questions about their attractive feet... I don't know. I like manly body parts. Big hands, ect. Stuff like that. Although I know the whole foot / penis ratio thing is total bullshit. I wear size eleven shoe but alas, I am but an average down there man. Yet I know a guy who's six foot two, wears size nine shoe (Brandon Pirkle) and what I assume to be very large genitalia danglings. You can't trust that that shit.
The only way that is remotely reliable to predict a guy's size is to look at his fingers and toes. Long thin fingers and toes can signify large junk on a dude. I like to fantasize about it. Is that wrong?
Anyways, this is because the gene that controls finger and toe growth on involves itself with a male's penis length and possibly girth.
I wish I had me some long toes and fingers. I know my dad was big. What the fuck God!? You truly suck large donkey balls. But I don't really hate you. How can someone hate an imaginary being? Well... I suppose you can hate Superman or something? Shit happens and school buses full of children need saving. And for that we call him a hero? He's a fucking pedophile!
I hate Superman. At least in part because I wish I looked like him. Did you know that the guy who played Superman in that movie had such a big package that they spent a shit load of money digitally making his bulge smaller. What a life, am I right? Big dick and you get paid to repeat words on a paper with the appropriate emotion. Acting. I got it.
I like Joseph Gordon Levitt. I believe he will father many illegitimate children. I suppose this also needs explaining too. Not the whole Joseph Gordon Levitt is hot thing. That's a duh, but the association I have with taller handsomer men is that my mindset sees taller men as having a higher chance at reproducing because of their superior physical and mental traits. A person of higher bodily goodness has a better chance of a quality life on the evolutionary set of things. Bigger males are more attractive to women. And men's sweat is an aphrodisiac that women (and gay men) respond to very favorably. When a man's all working out and he's sweating and the chick walks into the room she goes “Holy shit! He be hot!” And then they proceed to make three aborted little girls.
It is of my belief that jerking off kills six million potential children every time you cum. They just slop onto a tissue or into a sock and they they dry out and die. That and they need the warm inner environment of something like a vagina to continue living for just a little while longer. The bullshit thing is that if a guy doesn't jack off then eventually he'll have the occasional wet dream and wipe out yet another generation of boys and girls. They never even had the chance!
I saw on The Colbert Report that this Democratic senator made a faux bill banning male masturbation in Oklahoma in an attempt to make fun of their anti abortion laws. This whole “life starts at conception” is total bull. Sure it may have a beating heart but it doesn't really have a nervous system, no brain, therefore it feels no pain and is not conscious. You may spend the rest of your life wondering what kind of man whore your son could have been (I say that all tall parents should abort their children at this stage) because aborting it would not physically harm the child in anyway that IT CAN FEEL! No nervous system, no concept of life. That is what I believe.
If you have waited more than a few months then I say put them up for adoption. Fucking religion and stupid men and woman saying they don't like condoms. You know what else is a horrible parasitic monster in almost every way that makes a parasite a parasite by definition which are human children.
Not saying I hate children. But if you can't support them or you are a tall man who is confident that his son will be tall, you should abort them six weeks to three months or sooner. Fucking tall people.
Tall people have no feelings.
Yeah, that sucked. Seeing everyone become adults. I still don't fully feel like I'm a grown up yet. I don't really care about sex at all. And my attractions are crushes at best. I just don't feel like I fit.
It is always cool when I meet someone else with Aspergers. I really believe that Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and that little goblin on In The Middle have the same shit I do. I actually used to be so like Sheldon. But opposed to their not pursuing help, I however have gotten therapy. The best thing for me is to hear facts instead of trying to work out my emotions. I wish I could feel more but to me, if it isn't logical, then why would I do it?
Why I ask you. Why?

I know this is abstract and cold. I do like people, I do. But it's hard to feel any real attachment or empathy with someone. I'm really happy that I've achieved a satisfactory level of affection with Frank. But other people weird me out. Einstein had Aspergers.
I like reading non fiction books a lot. Especially biographies. I am thankful that I got the right diagnosis at the Pueblo Colorado State Mental Facility. I forgotten everyone's name there except for Dr. Stuyt. She was so awesome. Since I wasn't making way with my addictions on an emotional level, she scared me off the drugs with some factual education. She told me to look at my addiction like an evolutionary problem. Or a math problem. Something like that. And the evolutionary system works for me. It will mean that I will forever give the tall men their due.

Fucking man whores...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Interview with Brandon Richard Whalen (of My Body Sings Electric)

Interview with Brandon Richard Whalen (of My Body Sings Electric)
By: David McGhee

My Body Sings Electric is sort of a band with hardcore guitars and indie vocals. The kids seem to like it so I have decided to exploit his fame and interview him for my own interests. That being said, this guy is pretty hot. Maris The Great was right, all the cute boys go to hardcore shows.
Wiser words have never been said. Because at hardcore show you got all the tall skinny sexy men taking off their shirt. I'd like to think they're doing it for me, but something tells me that skinny people just like showing off their sexy mcsex bodies.
I know if I wasn't short and chubby I'd be manwhoring it up!

Now for teh interview! :-D

1: Does your body really sing electric? I mean... Wouldn't that hurt?
It probably would hurt. The name was inspired by a poem by Walt Whitman called I Sing The Body Electric. It's sort of a nod to the way music can affect your mind and your body. It's also a little look at some personal philosophies of mine and maybe some of the other guys.
"Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal themselves; 5 And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead? And if the body does not do as much as the Soul? And if the body were not the Soul, what is the Soul?"

2: How tall are you and what does that have to do with your current local fame?
I'm very average height. 5'10'' ish. Right in the meaty part of the curve. I have no idea how it impacts my "local fame."

3: Remember Monroe Monroe? Such a good band.
Hell yeah! Our bassist Jason did some bassing for them. They are great guys and made really killer music.

4: What kind of geetar do you use?
I mostly play my Takamine fp360sc. It's a 90's japanese only model that is kind of rare here in the states. I swing between loving and hating it.
I also have a 1976 Les Paul that was passed down to me by my father and I will murder anyone who even looks at it.

5: Have you ever had any formal training in geetaring or singing?
I took one semester of vocal lessons in college. Other than that I am completely self taught, of course with some help from my bandmates who are incredible and well trained musically.

6: As I have warned you, show us your bare feet!
You don't want to see what's going on down there. I wear sandals a lot (not ashamed) so catch me in the summer.
Approximation of Brandon's feet 

7: Do you guys get like a buttload of tail? Like in dirty groupies that would do anything to you or would let them do things to you?
I'm actually married, so my tail-getting days are over. Who knows if there are those groupies out there, I usually identify people's intentions right off the bat and slip out of any potentially awkward situations.

8: I hope you are using condoms. Are you using condoms?
No need. See question above.

*David's note: He must want to get some babies! HE MAKE BABIES!

9: What do you do for a day job?
I am a social media marketing strategist and head of marketing for Room 214 in Boulder, CO. Big boy job.

10: Are you going to release a new album? What will it be like? Any chance of it having some boobies on the cover?
We are releasing an album on Jan 28th called Part 1: The Night Ends. It will be a fun little journey, more indie, not so much pop punk (I still don't understand that description of us). There's a little side boob on the cover which is rad.

11: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck couldn't do it's taxes?
Are you asking for the wood chuck, or the government?

12: Are you seeing anyone right now? Or have you ever met someone that made you want to throw up because he / she was just so fine?
I am seeing my wife... until one of us dies or eternity or whatever. I have met someone who made me want to throw up because she is so beautiful so I wifed that gurl up.

13:What would you say that seeing you in person caused me a bit of Stendhal syndrome? That's like when you see something so beautiful that you are paralyzed.
I would be quite flattered... and also suspicious that you may be exaggerating. Regardless, thanks I put a lot of work into growing this beard.

14: If I would to ever save your life from a catastrophic explosion, how many tacos would you get for me?
That's probably worth a six pack and pound from Taco John's. It's quite a bit of food. Shoutout to my Wyoming people.

15: Let's get serious here for a moment, when did you lose your virginity? The world MUST know!
Oh gosh.... haha. I was 18 I think. I remember thinking... "that wasn't much of a big deal now was it?"

16: If you could piss off PETA, what kind of animal would you gleefully slaughter for the privilege?
IF I were in fact going to achieve this hypothetical goal to the fullest extent I would have to go with something incredibly cute, so sloth or red panda. Not that I would support anything like that.

17: Do you like to read? Because that would make you sooooooooooooooo hot! (Aside from the amazing body you already have.)
I do like to read! I'm just finishing up Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan. It's been a great reminder to always be skeptical of people who claim to know "the truth." PS. Thanks... been working on my bod a lot this year.

18: How did you guys meet up? Much like many Marvel Superheroes, everyone has an origin story.
My old band Arms Over Colorado played with Nick and Jeff's old band Nemonic. Then we realized we were best friends and the rest is history.

19: Any brand of soda you'd like to give a shout out too?

20: In less than three words, describe your sleeping habits.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Interview with Elin Palmer

Interview with Elin Palmer
By: David McGhee

At first I knew her only by her Starbucks name, Elin Palmer. Little did I know that she was Elin Palmer! The violinist and vocalist super star of the Denver / Boulder area! I remember just turning twenty one and she invited me to see her play with Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots at Benders Tavern down in downtown Denver. I remember knowing her for her sweet disposition and her almost naïve way of responding to people. It made her an awfully likeable person. She introduced me to Jay Munly and so now I have a friend with him. I remember him driving me home from the Larimer Lounge. :-)
Anyways, she blew me away with her black corset and stockings she wore for her stage show. It was really cool because the whole band got really into their characters. She was also dating their drummer, who is also cool. I once asked him to play drums for me but he said he had carpel tunnel. So I suppose that dream is dead.
Elin agreed to do this twenty question interview. It's her funeral!
This woman gave me coffee drinks!

1: Elin, Darling, how have you been since I last saw you? Have you eaten any cake since then?
I'm so swell thanks for asking. I have eaten cake since then, hence the swellness.

2: Show us your “O” face!

3: Do you have any recipes for good ethnic food?
Do you consider Italian ethic?

4: You're like, totally hot. Do you think you could make me straight? I'm like... Really, really gay.
Straight scared? Like fukishima salmonella sushi scared straight? There's probably an algorithm to help decide.

5: If you could be any kind of big ole' bear, who would you be? *My guess would be Nick Frost*
Polar Bear, definitely.

6: Thank you for feeding and me when I was no longer working for you. What is it with you and helping out hungry poor people? That's very un-Republican of you.
I'm a starving artist. Those born tired will know what I mean.

7: Would you ever buy me a sushi dinner if I paid for it?
See #4

8: What kind of violin do you play?

9: When did you start playing the violin?
post-utero, pre-formative years

10: Could I see your violin? I promise not to masturbate to it. In fact that would be very, very sick. Wouldn't you agree?
Yes, there's even photos in wide circulation of me posing with it.

11: Now if you don't mind... Show us your feet!
You need your nails did.

12: Which color Hungry Hungry Hippo would you be?
Orange is the hungriest color, duh.

13: Now that was racist... What do you think about a hippo ethnic cleansing?
I think that's basically what's going on in the Congo. For example, there are as few as 2500 pygmy elephants left. That's

14: Is eating rhinos bad? Like what if you were in a supermarket with a hundred dollars to spend on groceries and you were hungry, would you eat a
rhino then?
See #13.

15: Are you seeing anyone right now? Are you still with the same big old lovable hunk of a drummer? Seriously, I'd face fuck him.
I've received many gentlemen callers, but none keep the time as well as my baby's daddy.

16: When did you start singing? Were you taught how to sing or is it just natural?
In the shower. It came pretty naturally I suppose: one second I was shampooing, the next I was singing.

17: Seriously, you are an awesome person! How much upkeep does it take to be so awesome?
Your pretty awesome yourself. Upkeep can be hard. You're only as cool as the blogs you read

18: Do you believe the people who be surrounding me?

19: Where can we find your wonderful music? Bandcamp? Itunes? I WANNA KNOW DAMMIT!!!
Itunes, yup. Come to my shows, buy a hardcopy, 'na mean?

20: If you had one last thing to say before diving into a huge T-bone steak, what would it be?

I hope it's organic?