Sunday, October 9, 2011

Horror movie review 1:

Ever veer outside your horror genre circle? Ever hear of a duo known simple as Argento and Bava? Well a certain movie may shake your foundries as an all-time horror classic as would a movie called Demons 2. It is an American dubbed Italian horror movie.

It starts out all innocent like when a high rise full of people are turned into a horde of blood thirsty demons! First off it is the date of birth for a little twenty something named Angela. She is watching a horror movie on the first outbreak of Demons (Which happened in Demons 1, an awesome horror movie by the way!) and she tunes her shit onto the scene where a dead demon gets some blood via a girl who just got cut by a piece of metal.

What comes next is Demons mayhem! The dead demon comes to life and fucks the shit out of that girl! Then he runs around a little while the rest of the people run away. So instead of catching the rest of the doupes, he looks into the screen and comes closer until he fucking pops out of the screen and attacks the girl Angela! She turns into a demon and then spreads her contagion to her other birthday party goers!

Then the fun begins! People are stuck in the demons spell when a couple gets stuck in the elevator and then a dog turns into a demon himself! It’s win / win!

I'm tell'n ya there's Demons all up in this shit!

So for a very scary delight this Halloween, pick Demons 2! Available on your favorite bit torrent downloading site!


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