Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ah, Turbografx 16, where is thine love now?

The Turbo Grafx 16

What did you play when you were a kid? Atari? Nintendo? Something like that I bet. Those were the giants of the gaming world up until Sony got into the game and computer first person shooters got so big. I suppose I was always into the left field whenever it came to anything about me. Sure I loved these systems but I liked to see and get things that no one else wanted. I wanted to be diverse and even a hipster at times. I’ve been known to be pretentious when it came to certain things.
                Take for example Coldplay. You may think I don’t like them just because they are popular right? Well… Not really. I think that’s a stupid reason to hate something. No, I’ve got a beef with that fucker Chris Martin. Thinks he’s so tall and red headed… Yeah fuck him!
                One thing I remember as a kid was getting and selling the Turbografx 16 for most of my childhood. I had a love for that system that cost me more money than I’d like to admit. At least it’s not heroin right?
                Oh yeah, gaming addiction is becoming a far more researched affliction and can actually cause withdrawals, just like anything you get addicted to. You see there’s a reward center in our brain that releases feel good chemicals when it does something it perceives that it likes. Be it sex, drugs, eating, or hookers dressed in nothing but cotton candy. You feel good after doing these things. And when your brain gets used to something then it makes it harder to produce and release these chemicals on its own, causing irritability, sleeplessness, and other malfunctions that your body blames you for.
                Let’s start off by saying this thing had a little game called “Bonk” that was pretty much the sole reason for purchasing this system.

Although it came with this…


I’ve always thought that if they would package Bonk with the system then they’d sell more things. It didn’t have to be a disaster like when they tried to sell off the Turbografx 16 CD attachment. Or even worse, when the Turbo Duo came out and it was basically a more expensive Sega CD but without all the cool motion videos that weren’t that prevalent back then. In fact to even play games that compared you had to get a booster game card just to push the graphics up even one notch.

It was a cool system. Although the Bonk games were the only ones I really enjoyed.

Well I take that back, I also had a cool little pinball game that I enjoyed.

And this one game called Air Zonk, it was an offshoot of the Bonk franchise that was basically an old school side view shooting game.
You even got bear trap dentures!

All in all it was a pretty cool little device. I never personally got a hold of any of the CD Titles seeing that the going price for one of the better systems cost around three hundred dollars and I was just a little self serving broke kid. But when I think about it now I probably wasn't missing out on much... I mean, take a look at all the excitement I was denied! (probably saved from)

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