Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The only 4 jobs homosexual males ever seem to have

The only 4 jobs homosexual males ever seem to have
By: David McGhee

As a gay male, it saddens me that many of my compatriots that adhere so annoyingly to prevalent stereotypes. Like the gay guy with that lisp and you're just like wondering if it's learned or if Mother Nature was drinking anti freeze when she made him. Plus, you know, the flamers, (not to be confused with trolls) give us a bad rep too.
Being gay for so long makes one notice the gay around him or herself all that much more. It has been in my (and many of my friends) observations that gay guys seem to only be employed in one of four fields. Of course you have your highly educated gays who hold positions of power and creative control, but we're not talking about them. I'm talking about the four jobs that seem to have a gay target on them.

1: Starbucks

Hell, they've even come out as pro same sex marriage. And people have certainly taken notice on their stance and some even have a few choice words for the company. And bigots being bigots, boycott the gayest establishment this side of Jamba Juice.

2: Flight Attendant

It's not just me on this one. It has been noted time and time again that the airline industry has been one big gay joke for as long as it's been cool to be “different.”

It has even caused straight people to notice and dissect our decisions in life.

3: Hair Stylist

Why are so many male hairstylists homosexual? One blogger assumes that this is because of our nurturing nature and an in-built need to groom others. This dates back to our monkey days when we were picking coodies off of our buds.

4: Massage Therapist

There haven't been much ado about this one because so few massage therapists are male.

It might have to do with the fact that straight guys are generally too unsure about their sexuality to touch another man. It would be like “Don't touch me bra! I'm like totally into chicks!” and then they do a circle jerk. Or so I assume that's how straight people act.

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