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My Days Among the Hippies

My Days Among the Hippies
By: David McGhee

I admit that I've become a total pussy about being around people over the years. The other week I went to the Bluebird (a five hundred person venue) and the fucker sold out! The awesome guys in In The Whale got me and my friend Erin in to see the show and just like my song says “That is so typical of me to chicken out!” A song in which you can hear right hea!
It rocks and it rolls but mostly it emotes. Or some shit like that. Here was the review of my album by the ever most awesome writer and friend from the Westword Tom Murphy!

Often brutally confessional, this latest release from David McGhee features some of the songs he used to perform before he disappeared for a few years. And if they're any indication, McGhee must have been processing more than his fair share of personal demons, crippling loss, intense confusion and social rejection. There may be a jaunty energy to these tracks, but there's no denying the pain and sadness that went into cuts like "I'm No Prize Myself" and "Dance! Robot! Dance!" Yet despite the depths to which he clearly plunged, McGhee was able to pick himself up and record a song as fragile and as tense as "This May Break Your Heart." His naked honesty and earnest delivery allow this album to actually live up to its title. “ - Tom Murphy / Westword (This is a link to all of my Westword press.)

And this is the link to Westword in general... Ha ha.

You can also hear my acoustic album hea!

That was the acoustic album that I did. I remember that my blow job song got to be the track featured in the Denver Post's “Steal This Track.” But this isn't about me. Anymore. Maybe a little... But anyways, I left early because I was having too much anxiety to go any further. Ha ha... Further is the name of the band that I was spending my last few days in the lot of their concert. Last night I even went in to see them. They are some of the members of The Greatful Dead.
I had mixed feelings about the show. Seeing as they are a jam band they, of course, jammed. And jam they did. I just said that!
Shut up you!
*punches self in stomach*
It was highly boring for the first set because they just went on and on and on and on and... Well you get the idea. It was just them going at it on their respective instruments. Jerry Garcia's daughter is a back up singer in the band and very often during the show she'd get annoyed and just walk off stage during a jam. Ha ha... Imagine to be paid to tour and barely do jack shit? I mean she doesn't even show up in the mix that I heard of the show. And the band has little to no lyrics to sing. It's all just one big fucking jack off session really. Or a circle jerk if you will.
Pardon me... Do you have any Grey Poupon? No? Well go fuck your fancy self! And use water based sex jelly. Cause' it's the bestest!
I wonder how girl's jack off. I'm sure I could find that out with an internet search but I don't want to give my boyfriend's computer a virus. Thank goodness Tumblr and are trust worthy and show you all the ginger pubes you want without any of those stinky Trojans. Trojans... Trojen condoms. Magnum. My my my... Huge red headed cock.
What was I saying again? Oh yeah... When I wasn't seeing the band play during what appeared to be one massive acid trip, I was in the parking lot hanging out with various people. I met this one guy with the coolest beard!

I bet he gets tons of blow jobs.
Speaking of blowjobs, imagine how many blowjobs this guy gets for his mustache!

And this guy gave me some awesomely awesome Yoo Hoo! It was amazing. I bet he gets blowjobs from various female persons as well.

It was funny because this guy Ryan was with us and Mike, the guy above, took an immediate dislike for him. He would bully him around and eventually physically pushed him out of his area! Ha ha... It's awesome because he hates tall men about as much as I love tall men! But Ryan was cool. I liked giving him hugs. Earlier I texted my boyfriend that he was huggable and my auto correct switched it with “fuckable.” Whoa... Ha ha. He's a good friend of his and I just went there muthafucka's!
I would totally love for Ryan to do gay things with me and my boyfriend but he's straight so even thinking such things is just not cool. I wish that he may have all the vaginas in Fort Collins (the non fat ones) land in his crotch by the time he finishes College. There was a girl in the lot that said she liked giving blowjobs. To be fair though, I started that conversation. Anyways, Ryan said that he would of love a blowjob from her and I totally spaced it. I'm sorry Ryan. :-(
You totally deserve blowjobs too. The man made us homemade guacamole! Oh man if I was a chick I'd do things to him so that he may satisfy his tall skinny white boy desires. But maybe I can bring him to a bar and get him laid by a female there? I mean... Gay guys make great wing men. Der!!! Didn't you know that?
But the highlight of my past few days was this man.

He sold me some of the coolest rocks I've ever seen! Plus he gave me a shit ton of free stones too. I need to bring them to a geologist and write down what he tells me they are. But here is be pictures of rocks stone there be!

If you're ever in California, USA, then look him up and get your own rocks from him. Mention that David in Colorado from the Further show sent ya. ;-)
This guy was a good example of me wishing that I was a female so that I could do nice things for a man who isn't gay. I wonder what my boyfriend would think if I was just giving out blowjobs willy nilly? Ha ha... I want to tell you what I like doing with my time! Ha ha...

And for those of you cumming in la, erm... I mean coming in late. (good save!), here's the blowjob song!

And today in Arvada Colorado it's very cloudy and it's going to rain. One of the coolest things for me to do is to read by the window while it rains and sip tea. I'm currently reading Stephen King's “It” and it's actually really, really good. Normally I don't give a flying Betty White what happens to his characters as long as it's gory and humiliating. But the back stories of the characters are actually pretty cool.
The last book of Stephen King's that I read was “Under The Dome.” I know, I know... The Simpsons did the idea first, but should I mention that they really just beat him to the punch. He had the story for years and it takes so long to put out a book so it sort of coincided with him doing the idea second. But man... He can write some fucked up characters! But the thing is though is that all the characters that I wanted to live did. I think this book has his second biggest body count right after “The Stand.” He smites three thousand fiction human beings by the end of the book.
I'll admit that I sort of didn't want to finish the book. It was just so fucking long! Albeit “It” is also more than a thousand pages... I suppose it's just because my copy of “Under the Dome” is the huge hardback of it. If I had the paperback of it it may have been a different story. What is it about paperback books that I love? I suppose it's the portability. Yeah. You can bring a book or a pad computer anywhere really. To be honest I have a few books on my phone. But the fucking thing's sensing sensors are on the fritz so the top right of the screen won't respond to my touch. Fucking technology. If only there was a way to communicate with just pen and paper?
Hrmm... I have shitty handwriting and I'm wasting it on not being a doctor. But I'd have to say that each day at the lot had their funny / uncomfortable moments. The first night there was this hippie chick who was fucked out of her noggin on mushrooms and was telling us shit like “When I was fifteen I came into this body. I was originally a boy but all of a sudden I'm in this chick's body and I want to get out of it. So I try shitting my soul out but that didn't work. Then I tried to vomit my soul out and that didn't work. It's really fucked up!” And me, being me, told her that she probably had a couple of the nearly endless list of possible mental health defects. But she told me that she was totally fucking serious so I just went back to my rocks.
Then the second day I met this fucked up redhead girl who kept wanting to touch me. I don't like to be touched by random people. At least that is the new David. I wonder where along the line I became this way? Actually I was always this way. When I turned twenty one I drank a lot, ergo I hugged a lot. I later found out that I was creeping the fuck out of all the hipsters... I feel really bad about that... Like this one time I shot up heroin in the Denver Public Library and I hugged the shit out of several passing people(s). I was promptly banned from the place from then on out... What a bummer. They told me that I could talk to the head of security. I was thinking about doing something like that. It's a good thing.
I suppose I'll just go back to my rocks...

*Pictures of rocks*

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