Monday, May 30, 2011

Get your ass in gear people!

Who to believe here? Michael Chricton who is a doctor in medicine or scientists who are doctors in geology, meteorology, biology, and environmental sciences?

Gee... Tough question. I'll give it to Chricton though, his data seems correct when you search for it. Although his book "State Of Fear" was written in 2002-2003 and published in 2004 and there was little proven theory and developed tests to make an more accurate theory back then. Or the fact that most of the strikingly significant global warming trends started in late 2005-2006 doesn't mean that he was full of bullshit. Well it does in retrospect but he was just going by what the majority of scientists at the time made public. And the ones with the most clout were ones funded by big businesses. Tons of new environmental agencies and such have opened up since then and hired their own scientists on the subject.
I know what you are thinking. They are biased to their employer. But weren't the scientists that made the initial confirmations? I know for a fact that we are not due for another ice age for almost 80,000 years because it's been only 20,000 years since the last one and according to geological surveys it happens roughly every 100,000 years. So that theory is horse dung. Just like one way to prove evolution is true is to check the fossils against the strata in which it was discovered, you can check for this shit by not only looking at that but by doing ice surveys in Antarctica (the ice there is up to six miles deep!) by checking plant fossilization records in which you analyze carbon content of the fossil (more snow means less sunlight meaning more carbon and less oxygen from photosynthesis).
I honestly only know about the mounds of scientific data that is accumulating and surpassing the contrary ideology since Katrina and the recent significant warming trends of the past five years.
What am I doing about it? Making it known to take a fucking bus when you need to go downtown (parking sucks anyways and it's so damn expensive!) or using tap water for drinking water (a plastic bottle every time you drink? Shit!) or taking showers that are less than three to five minutes (You're in there to clean yourself, not to fucking jack off!) or not eating fast food (sure they switched to using paper containers... Billions and billions served folks!) using email and switching all bank, insurance, and medical statements to online notifications (who uses the mail anymore for anything other than shipping things? Which by the way, ground is a better way to go seeing as jet fuel is ten times more polluting than standard gasoline) and other ways that I am forgetting about right now... They'll come to me.
I'm not perfect but it's not a bad thing to strive for. I believe that this is a generational thing that will see the most effects when the youth of today are adults and in power. Did you know that nearly sixty to seventy percent of politicians still believe in God and reject climate change because of both money being poured into their campaigns and the fact that they don't believe that God would allow the righteous to suffer on a global scale? (Hello Ted Haggard / Mitt Romney!) The kids being scared today will grow up and kill off these dinosaurs better than any comet could have done. Although if that's what it takes then there are ways to direct those things toward Washington via gravitational pull by specifically designed satellites...
Did you know that global warming isn't just a recent thing? Scientists now estimate that it began nearly two to five thousand years ago when we started cultivating the land. All those trees cut down resulted in massive amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the air. Trees eat that shit so of course when you cut them down and pulp them it's going to release the stuff that hasn't been formed into oxygen (Which by the way, was a poisonous gas to most life forms three billion years ago, resulting in the first mass extinction scientists now theorize. Although albeit it was all mostly bacteria and single celled or mono celled organisms or free floating RNA / DNA. The more you know) In fact they estimate that this released tons more carbon than all the cars in the world combined at any given time. I say this because it's relative to the time we started cutting them down to the time we started industrialization.
If your only info comes from celebrities and An Inconvenient Truth then you aren't getting the whole picture. Google Steven Schneider or Panel For Climate Change (something like that) and you'll not only get some good info, but links to more good info.
It's fucking stupid to think we can change anything in our lifetime (unless micro technology and medicine allow us to be immortal or damn near it within twenty to forty years as predicted) but we can start the domino effect that our children and our children's children will benefit from (not to mention future generations of cute little kittens! Do you really want them to suffer?)
It's stupid to pray to a God who may or may not exist to fix the problem. We got ourselves into this and we damn sure gotta get ourselves out of it. Just like an addict owning up to his problem. If he never started in the first place he wouldn't be in rehab now would he?

~David McGhee

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