Monday, May 16, 2011

Ain't that a b*tch?

OK. This post is pretty much the same as the one I posted on the My Chemical Romance website. But it really captures where I'm at right now so I suppose anyone who has a problem with it can just eat my dirty socks..

Although I will give you something special for reading this. No it's not money nor a hug, it's actually a heart felt love letter to those in power.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And conservative Republicans can just go suck a f*ck!

I've been a fan of My Chemical Romance for sometime now and I can say with all honesty that the song "Sing" has forever been etched into my mind. It will forever remind me of this guy whom I used to let crash on my couch because he was homeless. He was a college graduate and made REALLY good money, but drugs got in the way and things just sort of fell apart.
I remember finding my old radio and turning it to the local alternative station and Sing came on. He told me that it was the new MCR song and I dunno... I guess I sort of fell in love with the guy from then on.

Last I heard he left for home back in Chicago. I wish him the best and hope to see him again one day... Hopefully we'll both be on track with life and sober.

One can only hope. I'd love to go off on the Greyhound with him again and just ride all the way to nowhere. As long as he's there to talk to me I'll be alright...

In other areas of my life things are going OK I suppose. I just got my first review for my ebook One More Suicide over at and the person who reviewed it was pretty callous. He / she bashed my grammatical skills yet he misspelled "Sentence" and told me to "get this through and editor or something." I mean, is this really the kind of people who hold the power to give my work star ratings? Come on! Grrr..... Anyways. I've been getting lots of fan letters from people who say that they actually like my book. One said that he's showing it off to his psych class so that's pretty cool.

I've also been able to salvage my website from the scrap yard. I found all of my old files and was finally able to update the darn thing. Hopefully it will get cooler as time goes by. My HTML is a little shaky though.

Still no fella to come over on a regular basis and have tea with me. I suppose I'll just have to keep up on them dating sites until I snag a tall handsome guy with a car and a penchant for sushi. Man I could go for some sushi right now...

Does anyone else feel like their heart will stop beating soon because it works too damn much as it is? I'm always paranoid it will give up and give out on me. Like Richard Dawkins I am an Atheist. I don't believe in an afterlife but I still care for every living thing on this green and blue Earth. That's one of the many misconceptions people have about us.

That and we eat babies. I don't know about you but I hear they're tough and rubbery anyways so who would want to ingest something like that? I mean, whatever! Come on!

I think I need to go before I make a fool out of myself. Just saying hi and don't forget to brush your teeth. I made this mistake and I had to have four back wisdom teeth removed because they were so neglected. No big deal though, got some good pain meds out of the deal.

OK... I'll shut up now.

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