Sunday, November 7, 2010

Starting things fresh.

Things have gotten off to a pretty slow start. First off I spent a week learning how to use Dream Weaver website making software and about another week just trying to get the damn site up. I think I have a handle on it now. I'm hoping to basically make it into a thing where I can show off my writing and art thingies to whomever may want to know.
The idea about the site is that we live in a society that no longer prizes their privacy. We live vicariously through others via the web and reality shows. I suppose you could call it a social experiment. I have no shame to begin with (unless it concerns me being naked in front of someone, public nudity has never been my strong suite.)

You can find out more at

In other areas of interest I will let it be known that I am about to undergo a very painful liver treatment. I am saying this only because I want you to know that I would in fact not appreciate any prayers sent my way. God as we know it is only a figment of the imagination that we have created in order to make sense of a senseless world.
He (I would assume it would be a she since it in fact gave birth to life) was useful in a world where we understood very little but had a lot of questions that could not have been answered at that time. As we progress, our need for him dwindles.

I like the way this rant is going, I think I shall make a full on post about it on my website under stories, non fiction, religion. :-)

Although praying couldn't hurt I would much rather just have your best wishes.

I believe that we can be altruistic without all that fairy tale stuff.

Hopefully if my health maintains you will be hearing from me regularly.

Keep checking back. Just like everyone else, I have a lot of opinions, and I'll be damned if you will resist reading them out of pure voyeuristic curiosity. ;-)

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