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Limp Bizkit: Nookie - A Psychoanalysis

Nookie - A psychoanalysis
By: David McGhee

I came into this world as a reject”

Apparently mocking the fact that Fred Durst himself grew up an awkward skating kid of minimal means. He had yet to find a confidence that certain wellness level of self esteem that would not come until after the third album. Selling ten million albums and having a girl scream night after night “Fred, you're the best!” in an unironic tone and faculties will do that to a man.

"Look into these eyes
Then you'll see the size of these flames
Dwellin on the past
Its burnin' up my brain
Everyone that burns has to learn from the pain"

Fred Durst has a hesitation to let go of his past. Both himself and others probably had a lot of shit going on back then during his formative years. It seems to me that Mr. Durst suffers from a form of rage disorder. If I am not correct, I believe it would be Narcissistic Personality Disorder due to his inability to let go certain instances where his masculinity was called into question - “Hey fag!” or a girlfriend left him or / and spread awful rumors about his penis, of which he appears to be very emotionally attached to are fine theoretical examples. To him he cared enough for the girl (maybe, but in this researcher's opinion I believe that his lyrics demonstrate a fondness of the female sex organs. It is this understanding on how Fred Durst views woman, that I believe he did in fact, do it all for the nookie) He yearns for for his three minutes and resents the person of objection and he is caught in a self repeating cycle of reliving that May-December romance of his and its bitter resolution.

"Hey I think about the day
My girlie ran away with my pay
When fellas come to play
No she stuck with my homeez that she fucked"

A victim of even a petty crime may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when lacking the proper skills and sometimes medication that may prevent the event to become it's own pathway by process of Neurogenesis, where the brain grows new neurons and brain tissue to accommodate anything new that the brain has acquired through habit consisting of thirty days or more.
If you mind my saying, adding insult to injury had to be the aforementioned “homeez that she fucked” conundrum. He had good, loyal friends. But despite his sense of loyalty and partaking in the occasional orgy or game of limp biscuit, where a circle jerk ejaculates onto a biscuit, the last one to “cum” had to eat the said biscuit.

  • Side note: Their name, as Durst put it, was designed by its very nature to offend people and prevent those without an open mind from listening to their music. In a sense he was demonstrating his loyalty to the punk movement. He had been a skater punk who also enjoyed hip hop. But the fact that he himself was knowledgable on the practice makes one wonder whether there is some pent up homosexual tendencies from not experimenting during his younger years or just does not feel comfortable with tackling even such a dramatic shift of character and / or just does not have the capacity to process such stimuli.

Continued – It is to be assumed that after the bitter disinvestment in each other as lovers she routinely engaged in intercourse with said “homeez”. Rendering future involvement with the comrades who part took in that sweet sweet tang of Durst's hot spring of warm nether regions practically intolerable.

"And I'm just a sucker with a lump in my throat
Hey, like a chump
Should I be feelin' bad? No
Should I be feelin good? No
Its kinda sad I'm the laughin' stock of the neighborhood
You would think that I'd be movin' on
But I'm a sucker like I said
Fucked up in the head, not!"

It appears that the particular area of residence that Fred Durst had sheltered during the time of said relationship had been very concerned with the concept of retaining archaic lines of thought process and belittling anybody who fell out of the role of their gender when it came to extra relational affairs. It is my rudimentary understanding of such beasts that has me to think that by being called gay, thems fighting words.
Again this comes to his pre-fame financial deficit that forced him to live in low rent areas where it is known that many people with extensive criminal records and dalliances with illegal narcotics were tolerated on the level that you cause no commotion, you stay in motion. This also puts a higher chance of interacting with people of low IQ and / or of limited means.
He then goes on to depreciate himself with the lyrics “But I'm a sucker like I said.” Only to rescind his remark in the most juvenile of expressions.

"Maybe she just made a mistake
I should give her a break
My heart will ache either way
Hey, what the hell
Watcha want me to say
I wont lie that I cant deny"

Although he has used her for sexual alliances in the past, he feels that just thinking of her in any way, shape, or form seems to trigger a mild case of Post Traumatic Disorder, as previously explained.

"I did it all for the nookie
The nookie
So you can take that cookie
And stick it up your, ass!!
Stick it up your, ass!!
Stick it up your, ass!!"

This in the we psychology professionals and students call emotional transference. You see, he has been so traumatized by the repeated deflowering of his mate at the hands (citation needed) of his fellow testosterone fueled misogynists, he embarks on the thought process that by making her the passive one in the relationship, he has effectively recaptured his sense of physical and mental well being. He has recaptured his sense of manhood by making her into an object to be thrown away after use, despite his obviously ill advised attachment to a woman who is no longer receptive to his romantic advances. He has regained his sense of dominance as a male. And in doing so, has penned lyrics that often contradict himself and show his underlying lack in proper social skills.
His mantra to stick cookie up the anal orafice of his former lover also demonstrates Durst's deeply repressed fascination with homosexual intercourse. Which is also evident in the the homosexual reference in the name of his musical combo. The fact that it is a cookie present some deeply troubling revelations about the extent of his sexual repression. Perhaps conventional genitalia is deemed as too traditional and pursues other avenues of filling an anal cavity.

"Why did it take so long?
Why did I wait so long, huh
To figure it out? but I did it
And I'm the only one underneath the sun who didn't get it
I cant believe that I can be deceived"

Many people have a hard time accepting failure in a relationship. It was very likely that the signs of deception were eminent, but Durst, by the understanding of his previous lyrics, was in denial because the truth would make him question his manhood and ability as a lover. This is a common concern with any healthy young heterosexual male. What isn't healthy though is not accepting his place in the relationship. He has faults like the rest of us do, but his pride is that of a father who's son's Harvard education is keeping him in financial decadence during the later years of his life. He is a smart man, he thinks, as we all do, but we generally can't see our intelligence in the proper perspective then that of an outsider. People have a tendency to overestimate their abilities most of the time.

"By my so called girl, but in reality
Had hidden agenda"

This is post break up paranoia at its most evident. By his understanding he has been plotted against. Presumably along with his former “homeez.” This shows major signs of Paranoid Schizophrenia in the sufferer. A disease where irrational thought and nameless blame are the order of the day. Not somebody you would trust with your coke.

"She put my tender heart in a blender
And still I surrendered
Hey, like a chump"

She emasculated him to a distressing degree, yet he still shoulders the blame for the relationship's misgivings. He simply can not believe that something as beautiful as a tender courtship with his ex, with all the love and emotionally fulfilling effort on his part, was in all reality, a forced facade Durst put himself through despite the warning signs around him.


"I'm only human
Its so easy for your friends to give you their advice
They tell you to let it go
But its easier said then done"

He has here acknowledged that a: he has other trustworthy friends in which he can confide. And b: he is frustrated that his understanding of his relationship cannot be empathized with by his fellow colleagues, who, as with the rest of us over the age of eighteen, cannot understand why someone would pretend everything was on the up when in fact his girlfriend, if one was to assume, was possibly getting sugary confections shoved up her rectum by his “homeez.”

"I appreciate it
I do, but just leave me alone
Leave me alone
Just leave me alone!
Just leave me alone!"

These pronouncements of self alienation have deep psychological scars associated with growing up an outsider of the mainstream. Being a skater punk, a persona not well favored by the hierarchy of popularity the late eighties and / or mid nineties when he was an adolecent, has only cemented his feelings on personal autonomy in what can be said has proved the most absurd role reversal imaginable. From punk to jock he most likely is taking on the persona of the oppressors of his youth, giving him emotional strength in the way an African man will call his fellow African American man a *explicative removed*. However over the course of his illustrious career he has grown un-ironically into the role of the supreme misogynist, with his music being a monument to the Y chromosome.

"Aint nothin' gonna change
If you can go away
Im just gonna stay here and always be the same
Aint nothin' gonna change"

It is always hard to contemplate the finality of life and your place in the world. Perhaps things are beyond your control. Many people in this situation feel hopeless as to whether or not their predicament will ever get better. It has been proven that with proper psychiatric care and medication it is possible to overcome the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But such treatments only work if the rehabilitating party agrees to work on the things that trouble him rationally and with great consciousness.

"If you can go away"

Without said proper therapy and work on the behalf of the bereaved, self esteem can plummet to worrisome lows when in the face of a traumatic experience. Especially when the parting of his ex has raised so many existential conundrums such as a clearly repressed fascination with the anus. Durst, whom at the time of the song being wrote, could not see an agreeable solution to his dilemma, has chosen to deal with it through the very public forum of FM radio stations and MTV (During their period of actively airing music videos circa 1981 to 2008) through the use of musical arrangement.
This line best represents the underlying fact that he presumably still wants for her affection, but cannot except her absence as a reality. Surely the subject is suffering from delusion that he is a serviceable lover.

"Im just gonna stay here and always be the same
Aint nothin' gonna change
If you can go away
Im just gonna stay here and always be the same"

It appears that Mr. Durst has come to accept his mental illness related shortcomings and is fine with the way he is. But does Mr. Durst truly believe this? Has he accepted her resignation and moved on? Apparently not. Because exactly a track later he goes on to “Break Stuff.” But the impact of ode reckless property damage is best left for another article.
It has been a long running irony when such a serious problem is set to a catchy hook and adored merely on its pop value with many of the song's fan base unaware of its deeply tragic sub-contexts within the layers of bitter confessional poetry that was born out of the pain one acquires from a deeply affecting loss.
It's also an allegory for saying “Bitch! You ain't nothing but a hole to me!”

As to which explanation is true, the only man who knows for sure will perhaps never elaborate on the more personal aspects of his life. Except when he's talking about titty fucking a groupie. That stuff is pertinent information.

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