Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An evening out with Born in the Flood

           Born in the Flood was playing at Lost Lake Friday night and I couldn’t find a single soul to go with me. After much searching through my entire roster of friends, I found the perfect partner in crime in Nelson, of The Haircut fame. He agreed that going to this show with me wasn’t just a good idea; it was the right thing to do.
Pushing my way through a packed house, I made my way up front, where I could truly appreciate the sound.  Born in the Flood was supposed to go on at nine thirty, but this show surely ran on Denver time, which meant it would be nearly ten thirty before we got any Flood action up in here. But, when they came up on the stage, the entire room immediately took notice.  From the opening chords of “Yes We Can”, I knew this wasn’t going to be my grandpa’s Born in the Flood. With a slight, punkie stance, Nathanial immediately took center stage and rocked out like a horse on PCP. Sweat poured from the very pours of the band with every chord struck. I was immediately taken aback by the sheer energy of their performance and it reminded me of just how great these guys once were.
            They hit a rockin’ stride with ”Low Flying Clouds” and a genuinely energetic, and almost punk rock, rendition of “Just Having a Good Time”. After a few songs, Nate decided that me grabbing for his drink every other song was not something he wanted me to do, so he hid it behind the stage. No matter.  He repaid it back in spades with an incredibly big sounding version of their last album’s albatross “Anthem” with their guitarist, who I call Mr. Meese, making some pretty sweet power chords to back up Nathanial’s primal screams.
            With the bass player refusing to take off his shirt, no matter how erotic I thought it could be, he still held the show together with a sturdy, and seriously heavy, driving bass line all throughout the performance.
            By the third to last song, they announced that their short set was going to come to an end and the remorse of the crowd was palatable. I, however, was ready to get out of because there seemed to be too many tall people that obviously wanted to hit me on the head for being short. Screw them and their good genes!  Not to mention skinny jeans. God, there was a lot of hipsters there!
            But that didn’t matter. By their last song, “End of Me”, everything came to a wonderful close and I hugged the band goodbye and thanked the bartender for supplying me with multiple diet sodey pops. I asked Nate if I could have a set list, but the bass player stepped up and gave me one instead. Although the drummer shooed me away for asking Mr. Thumpaity Thump for some erotic shirtless action. Haircut band man, Nelson , took me by the arm and led me out of Lost Lake  with the image of an awesome night burned into my brain.
            If I were any of you people, I’d see them now while they’re still playing small shows because soon enough they’ll be headlining the Gothic again and you’d be shit out of luck. See them now before they blow up. Again. You’ll thank me later.

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  1. Why did you choose to do such annoying things to this band that you like? It's very odd...